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Cross-Chain Real World Data Network

Powering the growing DeFi market with off-chain-data

No middleman required leading to higher security and lower fees

What is the Acria Network?

One of the most pressing issues when developing smart contracts is the lack of real-world data. But due to technical limitations, such as the consensus protocol, no blockchain has been able to solve this major limitation. The Acria Network solves exactly this problem with the help of so-called Oracle Nodes that don't require a middleman. In addition to this, it offers cross-chain support to supply various blockchains with real-world data.

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Cross-Chain Data

By allowing the user to use their preferred cryptocurrency as collateral we completely eliminate the hassle of acquiring the currency used by the network. In addition to this, every end-user program is optimized to be simple and as straightforward as possible to use.


Our Expert

Let's meet with our CEO

Dominik Ernst



Dominik Ernst is a well-known German developer, who has been coding for some of the leading German tech companies. He was able to build up extensive knowledge in the blockchain scene over the last years and decided in 2020 to build a new oracle system. Today he is proud to present Acria.Network.

Youtube Video explaining the Acria Network by our CEO Dominik.

Our Expert

Let's meet with our CMO

Donovan Jolley (D.I.Y Investing)



Donovan is a famous Youtube influencer who is active in the cryptocurrency space for a very long time. Currently Donovan has 58.5k Youtube subscribers. Donovan is an expert for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins and Defi.

Youtube Channel of D.I.Y Investing.


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Cross Chain

The Acria Network can be utilized across all blockchains. On top of this many currencies can be used as stake to earn interest.

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Extensibility and Scalability

By design, the Acria Network is designed to allow the easy implementation of publicly available data by the initial distributor of that data.

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Earn Interest

The Acria Token can be staked to earn interest and at the same time increase the trustworthiness of the data provided.

Market Participants

Oracle Node

Only the distributor of the real-world data is able to operate an Oracle Node. Therefore, all untrustworthy middlemen are eliminated. All other users are able to stake various cryptocurrencies on those nodes to provide them with additional credibility.

Staking Node

All other participants are able to join those Oracle Nodes with their stake to provide additional credibility to that node. At the same time, they are also earning passive income as they don't have to physically run a node.

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